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Airport Case Study UX/UI

Star Alliance is constantly looking to improve customer experience and wants to invest in a new digital experience to improve the service. They have identified flight layovers as being a major pain point. During layovers, customers are often forced to endure hours of dead time in the airport terminal behind the gate.


Case Study



This project explores the user experience and the user interface of the Star Alliance app. This project includes extensive research and surveys conducted over the course of a few weeks to identify the pain points of airports as well as a prototype.

Digital Product

All Nippon Airways App

Main Goal

This project’s goal is to research and build a digital application to improve the customer experience during ‘dead time’ between connecting flights at airports and building brand loyalty with Star Alliance.

Project Process

Process framework consisted of 5 stages. The whole project took 1 and a half months.


Briefing, focus on business goals and user needs.



Market research and competitor analysis, create user personas


User flow, functional analysis, user journey map, and wireframes


Visual concept, design system, layout finalized.


Prototype a usable app that demonstrates a solution to the problem


For the research portion of this project, I interviewed 2 people about their flight experiences and released a 15 question online survey about airport amenities and layovers. I had 64 respondents to the survey in which the results will be showcased in the following slides.


User Journey Map

Based on the research, I have created 2 users who would benefit from our app.


Economy Traveler

Phillip is a college student that is visiting his family for the holidays. He is traveling back home that is across the country. He has to choose the cheapest flights for not having that much money to splurge, but this results in layovers. During his layovers, he wants to be entertained and comfortable.

Needs to know where everything is in the airport they’ve never been to be aware of any flight or gate changes and delays

Find a private area to rest and/or freshen up. Utilize amenities to his advantage during downtime.


Business Traveler

Jane is a creative director for her advertising agency. Her firm constantly sends her out to shoots to directly work with clients or to go to different locations of the firm. Jane is constantly busy with calls and managing her team, so during her layovers, she enjoys finding lounges where she is able to catch up on work.

Respond to emails before the next flight, Comfortable arrangements in silence, Be aware of any flight or gate changes and delays

Find a business class lounge that is silent, Use the layover as an opportunity to be efficient.


App Wireframe

The All Nippon Airway App will accompany you during your stressful flights. Get flight status updates, navigate through all airports stress-free, plus book exclusive access to lounges and parking.

This app will offers solutions to many issues that arise during the traveling process and especially helping utilize layovers most efficiently and effectively.



Prototype of the ANA App. A User is checking notifications as well as booking an airport amenity. 

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